Opportunity space

År: 2016

Plats: Malmö

Status: Tävlingsförslag

Program: Aktivitetsplats


”The Joint”
Our proposal “The Joint” draws on the unauthoritative hang out of
regulars, but also of the unassuming visitor. It is basically an all-embracing
picnic tent in the delightful setting of the Enskifteshagen
Park. “The Joint” may also refer to the connections of the light compasses
of the wooden structure. The stretched canvas tent is a symbol
of gathering and inclusion that will be easily visible from afar.
To step onto the decking is a symbolic action of hope and ambition
but at the same time completely effortless. The party could be joined
spontaneously at any time.
The open air skills and job center on the lawn will be truly multifunctional
in use. This includes lectures, courses and presentations, group
meetings and individual counselling. The space can be turned from
class-room to coffee-room in an instant. Movable screens allow for
movie sessions at night. “The Joint” could work as the drawing board
for further experimental structures in the park, for learning handicrafts
or exhibiting cultural heritage. All these activities will contribute
to economic opportunity and social inclusion in Malmö.
The self-help approach of Individuell Människohjälp will inform the
methods of government programs. The openness of “The Joint”
demands for the visitors to act as co-creators, and the longtime
residents to reenvision their neighborhoods. In this sense the place
becomes what you bring to it.
We assume that the glulam structure, the foldable wooden flooring
and the canvas can be easily transported the short distance to the
preplanned storage room.